Bella Thorne Cast in All-Women Version of 'Fight Club'

Bella Thorne Cast in All-Women Version of 'Fight Club'

Bella Thorne has been cast in Malin Akerman's new version of Fight Club, which is set to flip the bro bible's script on its head by focusing on an all-women fight club.

Deadline reports that Thorne has signed on to playOlivia, the Tyler Durden-esque tough gal who's the underground league's best fighter.

Starring opposite of Akerman's Anna, a newcomer grappling with some big family baggage, and Alec Baldwin's "reclusive trainer" character, the project is appropriately dubbed Chick Fight.

And while it's unclear whether ​Chick Fight's plot ​will actually be indebted to the original ​Fight Club ​storyline, what we do know for sure its that Thorne is the perfect person to play the film's supposed antagonist. After all, can you think of a badder bitch in the industry right now? Yeah, we didn't think so.

Chick Fight is set to start filming this coming January.

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