Bbyafricka Is 'Blind AF' to the Haters

Bbyafricka Is 'Blind AF' to the Haters

Jan 05, 2024

“Why do you guys fuck with her so bad?” a women asks while sitting on a bed as her friends excitedly big up Bbyafricka. The rest of the savage track “Blind AF (Pow Pow)” answers the question the “hater and regular bitch” poses.

The visuals for “Blind AF” were inspired by true events according to Bbyafricka. The rapper, known for her hit “Baby Mama Coochie” and collabing with stars like Saweetie, takes aim at opps in the track, saying what we all wish we could say to “stupid ass” haters.

“What inspired the 'Blind AF' video are real-life events I go through and the Lady Gaga 'Paparazzi' video,” she tells PAPER. “I wanted to also give listeners an empowering moment against haters and to feel like they gotta get in their car and drive, I don’t know where to... but you gotta speed and yell to the top of your lungs, it’s something you feel with everything in you.”

The video stars the worst kind of hater, the secret kind, as we watch her attempt and fail to take down Bbyafricka while the Inglewood emcee rides around with her real people, as she raps about her own loyalty, explaining that “If my son was ever in the wrong I’m blind as fuck / if my home girl is in the wrong, I’m blind as fuck.”

“Blind AF” may be a cutting rap song with a contagious hook, but it’s also a warning of what we can expect from the burgeoning star. “See what happens when you try to destroy Bbyafricka?” the rapper tells us. “She just comes out on top!”

Photography: Cruz and Zuri