Barack Obama Listens to Ethel Cain

Barack Obama Listens to Ethel Cain

Barack Obama recently revealed that he too listens to Ethel Cain.

After posting his favorite books and movies of the year, Obama revealed his top 25 songs of 2022, which included tracks from the likes of Bad Bunny, Lizzo, Omar Apollo, and Rosalía. Also on the former president's list: Ethel Cain's "American Teenager" — an interesting choice given the fact that this song deals with the trauma of nationalism and the so-called American Dream.

Cain herself seemed somewhat surprised that her song made Obama's list. The 24-year-old rural Florida singer took to Twitter to share her thoughts, writing, "did not have a former president including my anti-war, anti-patriotism fake pop song on his year end list on my 2022 bingo."

Obama's playlist showcased a range of both chart-topping as well as underrated work, from Beyoncé's "Break My Soul" and SZA's "Shirt" to a track called "Dodinin" by Haitian American singer Leyla McCalla. In addition to his year end list, the ex-president also publishes a summer playlist.

Photo via Getty Images / Gus Stewart / Redferns