The Bama Rush TikTok Craze Is Getting a Documentary

The Bama Rush TikTok Craze Is Getting a Documentary

It’s that time of the year again when TikTok is inundated with University of Alabama students rushing to pledge before the semester gears up. But the meticulous staging, dances and Shein OOTDs aren’t just for the girls down South — it’s become a viral sensation. In fact, Bama Rush has gotten so big, it’s finally getting its own documentary.

It’s easy to get sucked into the world of RushTok and all of its excitement. On campus in Alabama, 2,500 prospective new members document and upload all aspects of their eight-day pledge. For those not rushing around to the social gatherings, 40-minute parties or checking out various sister charities — there’s a wealth of additional sorority content, racking up millions of views.

Because of Bama Rush’s immense popularity, Vice Studios has partnered with HBO Max under the watchful eye of Introducing, Selma Blair director Rachel Fleit to create an exposé of what that intense week looks like. Fleit recently opened up to the New York Times about the upcoming project, emphasizing her focus on the positive and uplifting aspects of all things sisterhood.

“This film is a thoughtful and compassionate portrayal of young women in 2022 as they rush the sorority system at the University of Alabama.” Fleit said.

However, with popular influencers like Makayla Culpepper or Grant Sikes meticulously documenting their weeks still not receiving a bid, it’s almost certain that the film will focus on the lowlights of the Panhellenic system as well. Even though little is known about details of the project, camera crews were confirmed to have filmed this year’s rush from August 6-14, and rumors about production have circulated since 2021 when the phenomenon first began.

Only days after filming wrapped, rumors that recording devices were secretly being worn by sorority aspirants have already wormed their way around TikTok. These have since been disputed by reps for Vice.

“The university is aware of reports that outside parties have facilitated unauthorized recordings of our students involved in Panhellenic recruitment,” said Shane Dorrill, an assistant director of communications at the University of Alabama. “The university has not authorized any third-party entity to film, record or document any recruitment activities.”

With a joint effort on the part of Vice and HBO Max, it’s almost certain that the documentary will be an HBO streaming exclusive. But as the project is being conducted with the utmost level of sister secrecy, fans of the Bama Rush season might have to wait until next August for more content.

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