Seoul Collective Balming Tiger Teams Up With BTS' RM

Seoul Collective Balming Tiger Teams Up With BTS' RM

Following music videos for "Armadillo" and "Kolo Kolo," Seoul-based K-pop group Balming Tiger reunites with Japanese director Pennacky on "Sexy Nukim" — a psychedelic, rapid-fire visual that notably brings BTS member RM into the fold. This marks the first single featured by a guest other than a member of the collective.

"The theme of the song is that the artist's 'sexiness' is not something that can be bought with money," explains Balming Tiger, "and the track contains a mindset that wants to be 'one and only' with their unique personality, not just pursuing material things."

"Sexy Nukim" continues with Balming Tiger's larger mission of showing the world "asian sexy" and "asian cool" through their videos and music, as the team says.

Between underwater shots, clinical trials and crowded saunas, the dystopian video accomplishes exactly that, with glossy production (courtesy of members bj wnjn, Unsinkable and Leesuho) and verses from Omega Sapien, RM, bj wnjn and Mudd the student.

Watch the PAPER premiere of Balming Tiger's latest entrancing clip, below, and lose yourself in their genre-defying blend of hip-hop and alt-pop.

Photography: Nikolai Ahn


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