Contestants on 'The Bachelor: Vietnam' Ditch Bachelor for Each Other

Contestants on 'The Bachelor: Vietnam' Ditch Bachelor for Each Other

Update, 10/15/18: Love is real! They're together. In a new interview, the couple clarified that Truc Nhu stayed on the show in order to get some time to figure out if her feelings were genuine. She asked to leave after just two more episodes, and now she's in a relationship with Minh Thu. "This gives me so much hope as a Vietnamese closeted queer," wrote an anonymous Redditor. "I'm so glad to see our society is much more open and accepting than it used to be."


This week a scene from the The Bachelor: Vietnam went viral. It was an unprecedented event for any of the many, many shows under the Bachelor franchise: two female contestants professed feelings for one another at a rose ceremony, spurning the Bachelor in question. What a moment!

The clip in question features Minh Thu telling Bachelor Quoc Trung Nguyen that she has fallen in love, but not with him. "I went into this competition to find love," she said. "I've found that love for myself. But it isn't you. It's someone else." Minh then passionately embraces fellow participant Truc Nhu, and, through tears, asks Truc Nhu to come home with her.

Quoc Trung eventually convinced Truc Nhu to stay. But it was still one of the wildest, and genuinely moving, moments in Bachelor history. And according to a feature on Vulture, it was all a complete surprise, with nothing orchestrated by producers.

"I almost had a heart attack behind the monitor," story producer Anh-Thu Nguyen told writer Allie Pape. "I've watched the show for years, and I didn't even know you could give back a rose once you'd accepted it!"

She continued, "It's such a brave, courageous thing, that these two women made this powerful gesture. In Vietnamese pop culture, there's a lot of people that are rumored to be LGBT or people that hint at it. Everyone knows it, but it's never been distinctly said. So to see a moment that's unequivocal, where someone is saying that they love someone else... I think it's going to be very powerful for young people."

The season is still airing, so we're not sure of what will happen to Minh and Truc, but we're pulling for their love!

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