Assembly New York Wants To Help You Adopt Your Next Pet

New York high-end fashion retailer announced, Assembly, announced a new partnership today with Animal Haven shelter to use their site to share adoption postings for dogs and cats in desperate need for a new home.

According to the New York State Animal Protection Federation, more than 150,000 animals are brought to shelters each year with many never managing to find a permanent home. It's a heartbreaking reality that Sarah McLachlan has constantly reminded us of over the years but it is one that Assembly is hoping that you can help change while still looking stunning.

The New York-based shelter, Animal Haven, has been finding homes and providing behavioral intervention for stray pets since 1967 from their Manhattan location and with the help of Assembly looks to expand their reach.

Photo via Assembly New York


As you peruse their site, posts for newly adoptable pets will appear alongside this season's fashions and link directly to Animal Haven's adoption page making it just as easy as copping this fall's must-have boots. Or if you have no need for fancy clothes you can forgo the fashion and browse all of the furry friends that are ready to win over your heart right here.

Photo via Assembly New York

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