Ashnikko's New Video Is a Sexy-Gross Halloween Dream

Ashnikko's New Video Is a Sexy-Gross Halloween Dream

Ashnikko's new song "Halloweenie" is all about "eating ass and slitting throats."

Accordingly, in the aqua-haired London artist's new video, which PAPER is premiering on this auspicious day, she wants you to be repulsed and enchanted at the same time. Like a horror-kink remake of 500 Days Of Summer, Ashnikko stars as a lascivious harajuku-goth manic pixie dream girl, bragging about her ass-eating, dude-ghosting and murdering prowess while she and her headless horseman boyfriend picnic, sip red wine, ride vintage bikes in the park and feed each other cake, until the storyline devolves into a sexy séance.

Ashnikko's delivers foul-mouthed raps in a lazy, barbed flow over a slow-grinding beat, laced with an ambient whining Twilight Zone sounds. She's defiantly sexy-gross: cutely eating cake, before letting it fall out of her mouth like a petulant child. It's deliciously irreverent, but on it's own "Halloweenie" is also a tight, catchy-as-hell bop. If it doesn't get you in the Halloween spirit... we can't help you.

Watch the PAPER premiere, below, and check out exclusives from Ashnikko's most recent spooky photoshoot:

Photographer: Alessandro Merlo
Stylist: Louby Mcloughlin
Styling Assistant: Izzie Lewin
Hair and Makeup: Chanel Taylor
Featuring: Charity Kase