Armani Launches Men's Skincare Line

Armani Launches Men's Skincare Line

Armani Beauty has had a pretty successful year, with several new launches and its iconic Luminous Silk Foundation continuing to fair strongly in a highly competitive industry. Now, the high-end Italian label is taking its first step into men's grooming with a brand new skincare line, WWD reports. The new launch will include a range of "environmentally responsible" grooming products and is set to hit the U.S. market early June.

The range will also be available across Canada and Europe later this month and will feature the three primary products that any guy can use without being intimidated by a complicated skincare routine: face wash, toner and facial moisturizer. The all natural skincare products will be designed with biodegradable formulations with eco-friendly packaging, a category that is usually aimed at female consumers. They also claim to offer deep hydration, and nourishment while fighting pollution.

The men's beauty market has exploded in the past year itself with several cosmetics brands launching their own collections targeted at men. According to recent estimates, the global male grooming product market is expected to reach $223,876 million by the end of 2027. The unprecedented growth comes at a time where young men are increasingly motivated to invest in personal care products in order to appear more attractive. Shifting perceptions of gender and sexuality are also instrumental in the on-going boom.

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