Ariana Grande Wants to Know What Kind of Soup You Are

Ariana Grande Wants to Know What Kind of Soup You Are

Ariana Grande is out here asking the important questions. On Twitter, the pop queen walked us through an adventure on her stream of consciousness, which flowed on and on about what kind of soup people are. She tweeted, "guys we're at dinner discussing what soups we'd be if we were soups and everyone knows what soup they'd be immediately and each answer is so different and specific so now i ask u.... if u were a soup .... with which soup do u identify ?"

The context: it seems Ari, her friends, and her mom went to dinner and got into this random topic of conversation. Ari says she's “for sure butternut squash or miso," while her mom says she's “cream of mushroom with a cognac drizzle." Her other friends, and even her waitress, also had immediate answers to the question. This led the “Breakup with Your Girlfriend, Because I’m Bored" singer to ask, “why is this something people are so sure of and passionate about ? why don't more people talk ab this ?"

You NEED to read the full thread, below.

Fans started tweeting at her about what kind of soup they are.

Pretty sure I'm chicken pozole verde. What kind of soup are you?

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