Ariana Grande Responds to Fans Criticizing Her Outfits

Ariana Grande Responds to Fans Criticizing Her Outfits

Ariana Grande is making it clear that she has no time for the fans hating on her signature look.

On Wednesday, Grande took to her Twitter to address the perception that she always wears "the same 2 outfits," in reference to her instantly recognizable high pony, oversized sweater, and thigh-high boots combo.

It all started yesterday after a fan went viral for reportedly tweeting out a doctored paparazzi photo in which Grande appeared to be wearing a different outfit. And though the initial tweet has since been deleted, it apparently spurred a number of responses criticizing Grande's outfits, including a comment from a fan who said, "she's been wearing the same boots/ long shirt combo for years."

"We need the insta baddie," the fan continued, later adding, "she could easily stand out without wearing the same 2 outfits." And while Grande's wardrobe has previously been roasted by fans via a TikTok meme based on her love of long sleeves, this most recent commentary appeared to take things a little too far for her liking.

"thank god i'm a singer then gimmeee a break," Grande replied, before explaining that the reason people haven't seen the full extent of her wardrobe is partially thanks to an active avoidance of having her photo taken.

"I escape the paparazzi almost every time," Grande said. "I never post photos that aren't on stage but shit i promise i have cute ass clothes."

That said, Grande didn't stop there. In response to another fan writing, "babe we jus want THEE BEST FOR YOU PERIOD," the star wrote, "i already know but also i'm never even seen like ever."

"I promise i look cute over here in my own world," she said. "I haven't even been able to put on a pair of fuckin boots lately because of the traumatic image i have in my head of these uh.... tik tok "performers.""

At the end of the day though, Grande went on promise fans that she'd try to "serve more" looks via her Instagram. And though it has yet to be seen how extensive her wardrobe actually is, we're mostly hoping that means a lot more Crocs with socks action in the near future.

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