Araya and CLIP Wage Cyber War in 'Electro Devil'

Araya and CLIP Wage Cyber War in 'Electro Devil'

As an FIT-educated graphic designer and photographer, NYC-based Thai-Chilean artist Araya always had aspirations of pouring his creative vision into his own music career. Channeling his struggles with finding a sense of purpose and identity into a neo-futuristic blend of R&B, soul, hip-hop and electronic music, Araya has emerged as an exciting new voice already drawing comparisons to the likes of Tirzah, Erica de Casier and Blood Orange and being tapped for Spotify's Fresh Finds Program alongside Doss, Toledo and Pom Pom Squad.

Embarking on a new era for the artist, Araya's latest single, "Electro Devil," sees the artist taking down a dystopian cyberpunk corpo-empire alongside enigmatic rap talent CLIP. The accompanying visual envisions a world where electronic music has been outlawed by the sinister President Saint who plans to unleash "The Machine" on the masses in order to enforce the Draconian prohibition. Along with their compatriots Gian and Bleu, Araya and CLIP mount armed resistance as the Electro Devils, infiltrate Saint's headquarters and take him down in order to liberate electronic music once and for all.

"'Electro Devil' is a commentary on this digital era we live in as well as the curiosities associated. There is a hopefulness in placing/creating our own meanings to these new facets of life," Araya explains. "The feeling that we may all be the pioneers of our own journey can be intimidating but nonetheless exciting.This song was written after recording the entirety of my 'heart break- hotel esque' EP titled ARENA; I think it was natural being lead to feelings of both hope and a desire for new meaning after existing in such circumstances of heartbreak for so long."

CLIP adds, "Being able to create with your friends is always fun, collaborating with Araya for the first time on both the song and music video definitely embodied the feel good energy that 'Electro Devil' gives off and I hope listeners will be able to experience that same energy Araya and I felt while creating 'Electro Devil' when they hear it for the first time.”

A fusion of cool, laid-back hip-hop beats with iridescent synths and glitchy textures, "Electro Devil" matches the lore-rich world of the music video with a lush soundscape. Looking like a mix of Joji-meets-Johnny Silverhand-meets-Cowboy Bebop, the vibrant whimsical video is a maximalist delight full of massive guns and colorful outfits that will have you itching to pick back up your copy of Cyberpunk 2077.

Checkout the PAPER premiere of Araya and CLIP's official music video for "Electro Devil" below.

Photography: Fenn Paider