Anteros Finds Freedom In the Desert

Anteros Finds Freedom In the Desert

The London rock band premieres their "Call Your Mother" video.

How's this for a mouthful? Anteros is a London-based female fronted band with a gloss-meets-grunge rock sound that glistens like Blondie and growls like Hole. But for real: if you love the combination of gleaming pop melodies, raw vocals, and roaring guitars, Anteros is not to be missed.

Their new single, "Call Your Mother," has a gorgeous, desolate visual treatment co-directed by Bella Howard, who counts artists ranging from Courtney Love and Lana Del Rey to Charli XCX among her credits. In the video, which shot on location in Marrakech, our heroine, Anteros' lead singer Laura Hayden makes her way through the desert, Mad Max-style, cowboy boots and all, in search of water, in search of answers. The song, bolstered by compulsively catchy chorus and affecting lines such as "We're only twisting 21" speak to the perils of growing up. It's like a note to the childish lover who can't get it together, and a pep talk to yourself when all seems lost.

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Hayden tells PAPER that the video's chief inspiration is the thrill of leaving home for the first time. "The first taste of freedom is the sweetest," she says. "It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Confusion, mess, self-awareness, little big disasters, discovering the grey area. Having to stew there for a while. Communication, self-reflection, the big picture, the small ones that get you there. Where to look? What happens next? Excitement. Melancholy. You stand still, you move on. You build your own home."

Check out the PAPER premiere of the "Call Your Mother" video, below.

Courtesy of Distiller Music