New York Photographer Anna Bloda Interviews Her Muse Selly

New York Photographer Anna Bloda Interviews Her Muse Selly

by Anna Bloda

Selena, Selly, Smut. Unapologetically brave, with a bright soul. Truly a muse for myself, as well as others. The main role of her photography is sexual liberation, although her life at large is an exploration around social boundaries and nudity in public. Often posing in front of the camera, including my own, Selly also has strong desires to see a different perspective. She is walking art herself, reframing the human body and sex beyond pornography. Below for PAPER, I shot and interviewed Selly to learn more about the self-declared exhibitionist.

Who is the real Selly?

Real Selly is who I have always been.

How old are you?


And you are a lot: You model, you photograph people, you have your own clothing line.

I do all of that and in January I would like to have my own exhibition in the city to showcase my erotic work that I cannot really post on the internet. I’m currently working on building my online store too, but in the meantime you can get my clothes from LAAMS store in LES on the third floor.

What else do you like to do?

Recently, I’ve had such a strong admiration for makeup. I never thought I’d be backstage beating faces for fashion week alongside my favorite makeup brand Love+Craft+Beauty. So iconic.

Do you consider yourself as an exhibitionist?

Yes, I love to tease and give people a reason to look. It thrills me and turns me on knowing others fantasize about me.

And this is why erotic art turns you on?

Sexuality is an important part of who we are as humans. I think it’s important as a society to show and experience all spectrums of it. It’s not something that should make you uncomfortable, it’s beautiful.

What’s in your head while you're riding the train and all eyes are on you?

Usually I get kindhearted reactions, but occasionally I get nasty looks too. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck how they feel. This is who we are, it’s the human body. I don’t understand why people are so afraid to see it and be around it.

Why do you explore it in your photography so much?

I tend to focus on this because I feel sex is shamed all over the world. What’s shown always seems to be clean versions of everything, not only sexual content. This world is set up to have all minds think alike. I want to break that barrier and doing that through sex is a beautiful way to start — seeing the rare, more extreme side of it. I want people to feel everything they see in my images. I want them to feel more inspired in and out of the bedroom.

What do u like about sex the most ?

I love to have sex. Sex is an exchange of many different things. It’s love, it’s a form of art. I like to experience and explore more each time I make love. You can really get creative. I also think we need to normalize being able to love more than one person. I have a few lovers and they all love me in different ways. For now I’m having fun, but eventually I’d like to find someone I can connect with not only on a sexual level but all other aspects as well. I want you to understand everything that I am while you’re in my pussy.

You are my muse. What does it mean for you?

It brings me so many warm feelings because you are too my muse, so this is a beautiful exchange. I'm always feeling inspired to do many different things with my body — to give people who consider me as a muse more stimulation. Recently when asked to work with Chris Habana, I was willing to shave hair from all over body just to be open for new vision and experiment.

Do you think I’m a mother figure ?

Yes, I would say you are a very strong woman in my life that has a boundless impact on me. I even told my mother about you.


Yes, I did. She was happy to hear I have someone that cares about me, as much I care about them. I can’t always physically see my mom to get that energy, so to have that in my life here in New York means the absolute most to me. I often feel misunderstood. It’s very wholesome to have someone who understands and is always there for me, you know? Always good energy and love reciprocated.

How many children do you plan to have?

[Laughs] Honestly, I want lots of babies, a big family. It’s always been a plan of mine.

Who inspires you to turn your fantasies into realities?

I feel it’s my inner child. I always try fulfill my dreams, dreaming about something so magical. I grew up in a hard home. I didn’t always get the shit I wanted. I was taught from an early age if you want it, you gotta go get it. I had to hustle, I had to find a certain way to survive. Often I found myself doing things I didn’t want to do, but I did it because I’m on my way to top.

What do you see in the mirror when you see your reflection ?

I see someone that’s very confident in who they are.

Should people look more often into it? Or less?

People will never really know who they are if they don’t look at themself in the mirror and take in all of that. You must take all of that in and love it.

Photography: Anna Bloda