LA Billboard Queen Angelyne Is Finally Getting Her Due

LA Billboard Queen Angelyne Is Finally Getting Her Due

An LA legend is finally getting her due in a new television series about her rise to stardom.

Back in the '80s, Angelyne captured the public's attention by placing vanity billboards of herself across the city, a brazen act of self-promotion that turned her into a media sensation overnight. So needless to say, a semi-fictionalized series following her journey from unknown artist to pop culture icon is long overdue, and you better believe the hot pink Corvette's involved.

Executive produced and starring Emmy Rossum, Angelyne focused on "fame, identity, survival, billboards, Corvettes, lingerie, men, women, women teasing men, men obsessed with women, West Hollywood, crystals, UFOs, and most importantly of all, the self-proclaimed Rorschach test in pink, glow-in-the-dark queen of the universe, Angelyne."

It may seem like a lot, but it's undeniable that Angelyne is all that and more, especially once you realize she's always been a game-changer and pioneer, whether we're talking about her billboards or the way she recognized the potential of the internet back in 1996 when she launched a virtual tour of her favorite LA spots.

Not only that, but Rossum herself told People, Angelyne's story asks the same questions we're grappling with today, including "our understanding of identity," self-actualization and embracing "whoever we are on the inside and live whatever truth feels most accurate."

"I love Angelyne," as Rossum went on to says. "She's as if Marilyn Monroe got into an easy bake oven with a '80s punk Barbie Doll, and a dose of new-age spirituality. She's a trailblazer, a hustler, a visionary, the original influencer, a living-breathing piece of art."

Angelyne debuts on Thursday, May 19 via Peacock. In the meantime, watch the trailer below.

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