André Leon Talley Unleashes 'Vogue' Salary Truth Bombs in TV Interview

André Leon Talley Unleashes 'Vogue' Salary Truth Bombs in TV Interview

André Leon Talley is never one to sugar coat things when it comes to TV interviews, and his latest one with Tamron Hall is no exception.

The fashion veteran, who's currently facing eviction, opened up about a variety of topics on Monday's episode, from the current status of his relationship with Anna Wintour (yes, that still seems to weighing be on people's minds) to the alleged wage disparity he faced when working at Vogue.

He revealed that he recently found out from "someone of authority" that the women fashion editors who worked with him there were making almost $1 million while his salary was only $300,000. "They don't make that anymore, but this is what comes when you live in America, when you're a black person, you have to wake up and you know there's a double standard," he said. (His highest title at the publication was Creative Director when he first worked there in the '80s and '90s.) Tamron Hall noted that they were not able to verify those numbers at the time of the interview.

Hall also pressed Talley to be specific on what the current situation is between him and Wintour, following the less-than-flattering comments he made about her in his book The Chiffon Trenches that came out last year.

"We are friendly, and we care about each other," he said. "In this complicated friendship, in this passive aggressive friendship, you know we sail by each other's port of call, we sometimes miss each other's port of call, but sometimes we navigate back around, and I'm looking forward to the day when Anna Wintour calls me and says, 'Come to my house in Bellport for the weekend.'" He added that they've been communicating more ("strictly by email") ever since Wintour acknowledged the lack of diversity at Vogue.

On a lighter note, he revealed that his book is being potentially turned into a movie and that Leslie Odom Jr. has expressed interest in playing Talley in the film. Check your local listings of Tamron Hall to watch the full segment.

Photo courtesy of "Tamron Hall"