ALTU Is Joseph Altuzarra's Take on Gender Fluid Dressing

ALTU Is Joseph Altuzarra's Take on Gender Fluid Dressing

by Kanika Talwar

When Troye Sivan walked this year’s Met Gala in a slinky black knit tank dress, it also served as a sneak peek of Joseph Altuzarra’s newest brand called ALTU, details of which were kept under wraps until now.

Self-described as “genderful”, ALTU encourages a spectrum of gender presentations and expressions to shine through. The collection was largely influenced by Altuzarra’s own evolving nature of his identity, sexuality and perspective.

“For me, ‘genderful’ is a very positive word,” Altuzarra explained to Vogue. “It acknowledges a kind of plurality of identity and I think it feels playful.”

“What’s interesting about what we’re doing is that we’re trying to operate outside of the binary,” Altuzarra added. “I didn’t want to design men’s clothes for women, or vice versa.”

Taking into consideration all body types and gender presentations, the collection encourages customers to make their unique interpretations of each garment. The first release includes many wardrobe staples including layered hooded sweatshirts, leather pants, knitwear and dresses — it serves as a core collection with more to follow.

The collection is exclusively available on and will also launch on next week.

Photos courtesy of ALTU