Alexx Mack's 'Wine Time' Playlist

Alexx Mack's 'Wine Time' Playlist

Los Angeles-based, and Jupiter, Florida bred-pop artist Alexx Mack's newest track, "Wine In Bed," is all about those late nights where self-destructive coping mechanism look a lot more appealing than anything healthy. The song follows her 2017 torch songs "Your Car" and "Whatever I Want" and cements her place as a grown-up pop artist with a knack for capturing difficult feelings and raw emotions. In honor of "Wine In Bed," Mack created a "Wine Time" playlist for PAPER perfect for a lonely night in:

Angus & Julia Stone - Chateau

This song usually kicks off my evenings in and my nights out. It makes the entire room feel like it's filled with romance. It's beautiful.

James Bay - Wild Love

This song puts me in a MOOD. I actually put the music video on the TV via YouTube cause it was so beautifully made. The butterflies are magical.

Fabiana Palladino - Mystery

This girl is amazing. She is one of Jai Paul's signees to his label. She talks about sitting down at the piano with him and working it out. That sounds like my dream. Jai Paul is a genius. This song is hopeful and as the title suggest, mysterious.

Chelsea Cutler - Your Shirt

This girl's voice is so unique. You immediately know it's her. The amount of times I play this song when I'm home alone is embarrassing. Chelsea Cutler has stolen my heart!!

Lizzo - Truth Hurts

One of my girlfriends played this song for me in the car before a show and it has since been my hype up song. Say I'm having a down time — it pumps me UP. And if I'm already feeling like a bad know I'm turning it on.

Mr Popular - Mix Up

I have no idea who this dude is, but he's unreal. This song is an A+ and the production makes me uncontrollably dance.

Troye Sivan - My My My!

THIS SONG makes me feel so nostalgic. It makes me feel so sexy. Troye makes the kind of music that makes everyone jealous.

Klyne - Still Not Over You

These guys are a duo from the Netherlands. I was on my discover weekly on Spotify and this popped up. I lost my mind and now it's a must listen for me.

Photography: Liza Boone