Aerie are continuing to lead the charge in accurately representing all types of women with their new line of nude underwear that actually includes more than three shades of nude. Truly the lord's work.

The Aerie 'Real Me' collection includes a whole plethora of colors that reflect the actual variances of our skin. There is everything from "Honesty" (a pale cappuccino), to dark chocolate "Strength," to peachy "Valentine" in lightly lined bras, boybriefs, and thongs.

Prices range from $14.50 to $40, and each piece is features tiny little stars or messages like "let the real me shine." Now that's the kind of fortune cookie-esque message I wouldn't mind reading on the daily. Aerie's campaigns have been unretouched since 2014 and they cast curvy model Barbie Ferriera as the face of the brand in 2016.

Shop the collection online now.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]
Images courtesy of Aerie