Richard Phibbs Shoots Portraits of Dogs and Cats Up For Adoption After Losing Their Homes In Hurricane Harvey

Richard Phibbs Shoots Portraits of Dogs and Cats Up For Adoption After Losing Their Homes In Hurricane Harvey

BYAbby SchreiberOct 05, 2017

Fashion photographer and longtime PAPER contributor, Richard Phibbs, has been teaming up with the Humane Society of New York for years now, lending his talents behind the lens to a worthy cause: the adoptions of homeless cats and dogs. We've often shared Richard's portraits of these animals in need on and were particularly struck by Richard's latest Humane Society collaboration: shooting photos of dogs and cats that lost their homes in Hurricane Harvey. We're sharing Richard's photos below, which include animals rescued during the hurricane as well as more local pets in need of a good home, and are including more information about some of these animals and Richard's own observations, reprinted with his permission from his Facebook. Take a look and consider bringing one of these pets home.

Humane Society of New York is located at 306 E. 59th St., New York, NY 10022


"He is a 5 month old Lab/Poodle mix. A dog could not be any sweeter than Henry. Unfortunately he has kidney problems and all of the doctors and specialists at the Humane Society of NY are doing everything they can to make him healthy again so he can be ready for his forever home. Henry could use all of our good thoughts and prayers as his medical condition is a challenging one. This is all the likely result of bad breeding from a puppy mill type situation."


"He is a 4 year old French Bulldog who is friendly and outgoing and loves everyone. Max is not from Texas but from NY. His original owners were working all of the time so they couldn't give Max the love and care that he so deserves."


"He is a 7 week old puppy who is part Chihuahua/Terrier and Lab. He and his 3 siblings are all from Texas and came to NY after the hurricane. I think he is also part angel. When I would take his picture with his siblings he would be the one to fall asleep with his head on his brothers shoulder."



"He is a 2 year old Pomeranian who is full of personality. He is not from Texas but from NYC. His original owners were evicted from their apartment. Love this little guy!"


"He is a 2 year old Chihuahua mix that came from Texas. He has been through a lot so he seems a bit shy but you can feel what a good boy he is."


"He is a 2 year old Shih Tzu mix. He is from Texas and seems like a mellow sweet guy."



"He is one of the 4 pups of Lauren. They could not be sweeter."



"She is a 1 year old Whippet/Chihuahua mix. She too is from Texas and is friendly and sweet."



"Harold is a 2 year old Jack Russell mix. He came from the over crowded shelter in Texas after Harvey landed. He is a sweet guy who is being treated by the wonderful doctors of the HSNY for heartworm. He will be better soon."


"She is a 10 year old Chihuahua mix that came from Texas. She is friendly and fun and just wants a good friend. "






"Lauren is the mother to the 4 puppies. She and her pups came to NYC after Hurricane Harvey. The shelters in Texas were overcrowded and the HSNY accepted them all and gave them all medical care and are getting them ready for adoption. She is being treated for heartworm but will soon be better."






"This sweet guy is about 10 years old and is a Chihuahua. He was recently sold for $40 on a street corner in NYC. A kind person bought him and brought him to the safe haven of the Humane Society of NY. Nacho touched my heart. Even though he is almost blind and has no teeth you can feel all the sweetness and love that he radiates. As I was taking his picture a tear dropped from his left eye. It was so moving. The angels of the HSNY are giving Nacho the proper medical attention and lots of love. He seems to be having kidney problems so they are giving him the daily treatment he needs to be comfortable. Nacho sleeps with the other dogs at the HSNY -- he has his own little pack. I love this guy."


"She is is a 6 year old Poodle that is from NYC. She was found wandering around one of the boroughs. She loves all other dogs and is a breast cancer survivor. With all that she has been through... I don't blame her for having a bit of separation anxiety. She is the sweetest."




"He is a Mini Pisncher from Texas. He is a calm and cool and friendly fellow."



"She is the 4th puppy of Lauren. All from Texas [and] after Harvey they are looking for their dream forever homes. These puppies are a dream."



"Tre is from the same litter as Wilson. He is part Chihuahua/Terrier and Lab. All of these puppies from this litter are divine."


"He is a one year old Mini Pinscher/ Chihuahua mix. He is a handsome Texan looking for his forever home."