'80 for Brady' Cut Gus Kenworthy's Gay Kiss Scene

'80 for Brady' Cut Gus Kenworthy's Gay Kiss Scene

It's hard to imagine there would be complaints about a buddy comedy starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Sally Field as old friends making a pilgrimage to the Super Bowl to see Tom Brady (other than the fact that it asks us to at least feign a passing interest in football). The plot of 80 for Brady reads like a fever dream, featuring a hot-wing-eating contest with Guy Fieri, Rob Gronkowski-themed erotica and Billy Porter as Lady Gaga's halftime show choreographer Gugu, but it turns out the film could have been a hell of a lot gayer if Gus Kenworthy's gay kiss didn't end up getting cut.

The Olympic freestyle skier recently revealed that his brief cameo alongside M3GAN actor Brian Jordan Alvarez as bickering boyfriends was initially supposed to culminate in the two making out but ultimately never made the final cut. “They used the script for one take, but then we did it like four or fives times where we would just ad-lib insults at each other and then make out,” Kenworthy told Variety, teasing that “some of them got raunchy.”

Representatives for Tom Brady, who is also credited as a producer on the flick, and Paramount Pictures said in a statement that the scene was “cut from the film for pacing reasons" but Kenworthy suspects there may have been another reason why it ended up on the cutting room floor. “They said they had to cut it for time, but I think they cut it for Middle America.”

Kenworthy did say that he hopes the kiss will see the light of day if they ever release a director's cut, jokingly imploring the studio to "release the tapes!” Fortunately for Kenworthy fans, 80 for Brady won't be the athlete's only appearance on the silver screen if all goes to plan. Kenworthy has apparently been hard at work honing his acting chops, taking classes and auditioning for a wide variety of projects. Most recently he appeared on Fox's reality series, Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, and he's expressed a desire to star in a gay rom-com one day if the stars were to align.

“Honestly, it would be something similar to Bros which we just saw," Kenworthy said in an interview with People. "I loved romantic comedies. To this day, they’re still like my favorite movies. I just think it’s such a great formula and I would love to get to plug into that and play the lead of a rom-com, but also get to play gay would be a dream.”

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