YOOX Takes Over The Surf Lodge in Montauk

YOOX Takes Over The Surf Lodge in Montauk

If the swarm of guests waiting to enter The Surf Lodge every weekend is any indicator, Montauk’s summer hotspot is clearly doing something right. Their Sunshine Sessions party, especially, brings in the crowd — and this season has included everyone from St. Lucia to AMÉMÉ and, most recently, Poolside as guest performances to soundtrack waterside boozing.

Adding to the attraction, The Surf Lodge invited YOOX to create a shoppable experience inside the front of their hotel, featuring products from the e-tailer’s private fashion label, 8 by YOOX. This marked the Milan-based company’s Montauk debut, taking over for a week earlier in July to sell breezy surfing essentials (maxi dresses, board shorts, palm tree-printed knits).

The special showcase made shopping easy, mixing the in-store experience with digital innovation. Shoppers could see and try on 8 by YOOX products, and then purchase the Italian-made looks through an online portal with guaranteed express shipping directly to their doorstep. (Perfect for sipping a Dirty Shirley in one hand and refreshing your style in the other.)

Of course, The Surf Lodge hosted a big brunch and beach party to celebrate the YOOX launch. Names like Ellie Thumann, Rae Rodriguez and Mia Kang all came out to Montauk for a meal of avocado toast and salmon quinoa bowls, complete with a stream of 8 by YOOX-themed cocktails ("Summer of 8" and "8 Flamingos"), and sounds from DJ Luka Tacon.

Photos courtesy of Phillip Lehans