Headbang to 100 Gecs' New Remix Featuring Dorian Electra

Headbang to 100 Gecs' New Remix Featuring Dorian Electra

"Please hold while I connect you to a rock-hard wet gec who's just dying to talk to you," a filtered voice echoes over the beginning key strokes of 100 gecs' new remix of "gec 2 Ü" featuring Dorian Electra. If you thought the message from the answering machine of 1-800-GEC-2U was a sign that a sexy slow jam was to follow, you'd be dead wrong. Welcome to another chapter in el-gec-tro-pop madness.

The latest single from the breakout duo's forthcoming album, 1000 gecs & The Tree Of Clues, is possibly one of their wildest remixes to date. Most recently preceded by Charli XCX, Kero Kero Bonito and Rico Nasty's remix of the jingly debut album cut "Ringtone," and A. G. Cook's take on "Money Machine," this new track is a banger in the truest sense of the word. All is calm for about 20 seconds before Dorian's auto tune-lathered vocals challenge the beat to change genres over and over into a chorus of whip-cracks and Skrillex-esque drops.

"Can you gec to me now?" Dorian coughs through the final chorus over a thrashing outro. It's pure electronic subversion, but what more would you come to expect from the duo that brought you "Hey lil' piss baby?" Laura Les and Dylan Brady picked a winner, however, to feature on the acoustic-starved version of the debut album's finale. Dorian's voice meshes perfectly with the duo's drawn-out hooks and sly nonsensical quips. It's a match made in pop heaven — or perhaps, hell.

Photo courtesy ofDog Show Records