Less Than a Minute Left on Zoom: Cat Cohen and Pat Regan
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Less Than a Minute Left on Zoom: Cat Cohen and Pat Regan

POV: You've just spent thirty-nine (39) whole minutes sitting on Non-Premium Zoom, talking about absolutely nothing of significance when your eyes start to drift up to the lefthand corner of your screen. Then, you see it: Less Than a Minute. Your stomach drops. Your mind goes blank. Panic sets in. How can you wrap up the conversation in under 60 seconds? You can't even remember what you called to discuss in the first place.

Whether you've tuned out your co-workers on a morning check-in meeting, or you've been subjected to a birthday Zoom "celebration" — chances are, in the past three months, you've been there before. And while we're sure you'd love nothing more than to log off of Zoom for good, PAPER's enlisted the help of our favorite comedy duos to, at the very least, make you feel seen.

Below, watch Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan, co-creators of the "Seek Treatment" podcast, make the most of Less Than a Minute on Zoom.

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Video editing: Caroline Fortuna