xHamster Launches Pride Fundraiser For LGBTQ, Sex Worker Organizations

xHamster Launches Pride Fundraiser For LGBTQ, Sex Worker Organizations

xHamster is launching a cam fundraiser for LGBTQ and sex worker organizations this Pride weekend.

Starting today, the porn site is hosting a three-day event through their xHamster Live camming platform, which will benefit the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, the Sex Workers Outreach Project and Rainbow Railroad,

"Sex workers, particularly trans and gender non-conforming sex workers of color, were on the frontlines at Stonewall," Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster, said in a statement. "Without them, the adult industry as we know if would not exist. This year, with many Pride marches cancelled, we wanted to bring that spirit online, and find a way to give back."

The fundraiser kicked off earlier today with a live cam conversation with YouTuber and LGBTQ activist NixelPixel and the debut of sex work activist Siouxsie Q's new topless talk show American Sweetheart, which will provide a history lesson on the sex workers involved in the Stonewall uprising (followed by an anal fisting demo). Schedules for other planned events — including DJ sets and seminars on sex work marketing — will be available via xHamster's Twitter account.

Check out the fundraiser, here. And remember to tip, as all of those proceeds will go directly to charity!

Photo courtesy of xHamster