Willow Smith Only Uses the Most Futuristic Headphones

Willow Smith Only Uses the Most Futuristic Headphones

At some point in recent tech history, someone decided that wireless earbuds were going to be one size fits all. It never made any sense. Those of us with even slightly bigger or smaller-than-average ears were doomed to a lifetime of expensive yet poorly-fitting pieces of plastic that would fall out at the least-opportune moment, usually near a storm drain. We were living in a culture of weird ear shaming, and it sucked.

No more. Ultimate Ears have finally addressed the problem with UE Fits, a pair of wireless earphones that, utilizing the company's "lightform" technology, adapt to each person's unique ear shape. During setup, an LED light warms up the earphones' gel-based tips, which become malleable and mold to the ear canal for a completely custom fit. The whole process takes under 60 seconds, and a simple app helps users through the process.

The company has tapped Willow Smith to promote the new tech — she gave the UE Fits a try while working on her new record, Lately I Feel Everything, and was blown away by their ability to drown out the stresses of recording and promo. "It's crazy," Smith tells PAPER. "You can literally feel them molding to your ears. UE Fits is the future of earbuds."

She wasn't the only member of her family to be impressed. UE have also partnered with Westbrook Media, AKA Will and Jada's digital content studio, for a year-long collaboration celebrating "creativity, technology and the uniqueness in all of us." They'll be producing a series of short films for the brand, and after the first of them featured her brother Jaden, in the latest one Willow demonstrates the powers of her UE Fits... as well as some seriously impressive yoga skills. There's also a making-of video, featuring more of Smith's real-time reactions to the customized fit of her new earbuds.

Weird ear people, rejoice! Willow Smith has made it okay for us to walk the streets again, podcasts blaring, heads held high. Take a look at the video, below.

Photo via Ultimate Ears