How to Help People Affected By the West Coast Wildfires

How to Help People Affected By the West Coast Wildfires

In between windy conditions and record-breaking heatwaves, the West Coast has been battling nearly 100 wildfires that have already caused several deaths and have displaced thousands of people in California, Oregon, and Washington.

In the wake of these disasters, hundreds of relief fundraisers have been started for people affected by the fires. And while there are centralized funds from organizations like the Red Cross and the California Community Foundation, another option is donating to a number of GoFundMes directly benefiting individuals who have lost their homes and need support.

In addition to their general Wildfire Relief Fund, the donation-based service also recently created a central hub to find fundraisers for these folks. Updated on a regular basis and divided by specific regions, you can search for specific funds that have been verified by the site and donate accordingly.

Check out both GoFundMe's Wildfire Relief Fund and fundraising hub, here and here.

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