Weezer Covered Toto's 'Africa' After a Fan Campaign Demanded it

Weezer Covered Toto's 'Africa' After a Fan Campaign Demanded it

Weezer, the creator of objectively excellent songs such as "Island In The Sun" and "Say It Ain't So" and perhaps the only band to grace every single early oughts teen rom com soundtrack is back with an unexpected new cover. The track came to be after a fan sought Weezer's attention for one very specific request: covering the campfire classic "Africa" by Toto. To hurry the process along, the fan created Twitter account @WeezerAfrica, gained a few thousand followers and relentlessly implored the band for almost six months to finally bless the rains. What began as a joke picked up enough traction to become a movement.

They plowed on for six months until Weezer turned around and did the unthinkable: covered Toto's "Rosanna." With that, the trollee became the troll:

And then, the impossible. Five days later, Weezer finally remade "Africa." It's a bop, jam and banger all in one — an unexpectedly dreamy marriage of two contradicting sounds. It might just be the greatest cover since Britney Spears did the Rolling Stones in Crossroads. As for @weezerafrica? Well, they're just soaking up the moment.

Listen to the final product below: