Lady Gaga is teaming up with Prince William to help end the stigmas surrounding mental health issues. The singer, who has long been outspoken about her past battles with eating disorders, depression, and PTSD, will be joining forces with William's Heads Together Foundation to get young people talking about their feelings as a part of their #oktosay campaign. In this video, Gaga facetimes with the Duke of Cambridge to discuss her recent open letter about the trauma and dissociation she experienced as a result of her teenage rape. When asked how she felt about sharing this deeply personal account, Gaga replied, "It made me very nervous at first."

"For me, waking up every day and feeling sad and going on stage is something that's very hard to describe. There's a lot of shame attached with mental illness - you feel like something's wrong with you. In my life, I go, "Oh my goodness, look at all of these beautiful and wonderful things that you have" and "I should be so happy." But you can't help it if in the morning when you wake up, you are so tired, you are so sad, you are so full of anxiety and the shakes that you can barely think. But [writing the letter] was like saying, this is a part of me, and that's OK."

Watch their entire conversation below...

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Story by Zach Shucklin / Photography by The Cobra Snake (Sponsored by Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino)