DC Pride Parade Suspended After Shooting Scare

DC Pride Parade Suspended After Shooting Scare

Panic ensued at the pride march in Washington, D.C. after people believed they heard a gunshot by Dupont Circle. The sound sent people running through the nation's capital on Saturday evening, with some of the marchers injured. According to a report by the Associated Press, while most of those harmed only incurred minor injuries, seven were taken to hospitals.

Guillermo Rivera, a commander with the Metropolitan Police Department told AP, "As the officers were going to the scene, there was a crowd of people going away from it and some of the individuals in the crowd said there was a man with a gun and that someone had fired a shot." The man is currently in the custody of authorities, and is facing a gun possession charge.

"We cannot allow this incident, until we know all the facts of it, we cannot allow this incident to ruin the pride celebration going on this weekend," Ashley Smith, the president of Capital Pride Alliance, said. "We're very focused on wanting to make sure we continue to have a great event for the rest of the weekend."

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