vōx Confronts Her Ancestors in Latest Single

vōx Confronts Her Ancestors in Latest Single

by Fred Sahai

LA-based singer/ songwriter vōx (pronounced "wokes," the Latin word for "voice"), is back with a brand new single — and this one goes out to her ancestors.

Coming shortly after "Be Bigger," her first single off the upcoming EP This Body, her latest release, "How Do I Connect To The Spirits?," presents a haunting meditation on facing one's lineage. Inspired by the idea that trauma can be passed down by our ancestors at a cellular level, vōx attempts to reconcile mixed emotions towards her family through the song, which progresses in three distinct sonic parts.

The track begins acapella, with dreamy vocals setting the spiritual tone for the song, until a bass-heavy arrangement swells. The delivery then switches to a more talkative style, reflecting the inner dialogue of the song's subject matter.

Indeed, vōx shares that she is not close with her family, so her contemplation comes without memories to draw from: "I haven't really heard any stories about what [my ancestors] went through growing up but I'm intrigued for sure. I wish that I, I wish that I had people to ask."

Though she doesn't feel bonded to her family, they are inherently connected, and she explains that "How Do I Connect To The Spirits?" is about realizing she hasn't done enough to "atone for [her] family's sins." This idea lands towards the end of the track, when vōx repeats the mantra "It isn't enough, yet."

The singer explains that as a white person, her family history is something she hasn't wanted to face, but that "this type of ignorance has doomed us to replay the same scenarios." She adds that though ignorance is inherited, whether she wants it or not, it is her obligation to confront and work past her bias.

"This song is about grappling with fear and shame, while also realizing how useless it is to continue to live in these feelings. It's on me to grow now. Amends are only useful if they're immediately followed by action. How are we to heal if we won't face what we've done? How are those we've caused pain to heal if we won't show them we will change?"

The single's accompanying cover art features vōx dripping in pearls, drawing inspiration from LA designer Alabama Blonde. "I felt like [the dress] was like a second skin and I needed to have pearls on the rest of my body."

As for how it feels to be promoting singles during a pandemic? vōx shares mixed emotions: "On the one hand it does feel trivial and not important, but on the other hand, the other side is the healing power of art." She hopes the EP empowers her fans as much as it did her during the creation process.

The full EP drops August 27, and is "for anyone who's felt the disconnect of spirit and mind and body" and " who's been told their body needs to be a certain thing or do a certain thing."

Stream "How Do I Connect To The Spirits?" below.

Photography: Katy Shayne
Creative direction: vōx
Styling: L.A.M.
Clothing: Alabama Blonde, ROMBAUT
Makeup: Satya Linak
Ash Ortiz