Violet Chachki Straddled a Life-Size Martini to Celebrate Her Fragrance

Violet Chachki Straddled a Life-Size Martini to Celebrate Her Fragrance

Last weekend, at Gitano's newly opened Miami Beach outpost, guests arrived dressed in their most glamorous outfits to celebrate the launch of Dirty Violet, Violet Chachki's new genderless fragrance.

But leave it to Chachki to steal the show, who kickstarted the celebratory dinner with a live burlesque performance in a sparkling — and fittingly — violet outfit, no less.

By the end of the evening, the drag artist and burlesque performer was mounting a life-sized martini glass while stripped down to her glittering purple underwear. Chachki knows how to throw a party.

The scent, created in collaboration with Heretic Parfums, marks her first foray into beauty. Released just last month, the launch is accompanied by a fiery campaign shot by subversive artist and fetish photographer John Willie.

Through both the scent's spicy notes and the campaign's bold images, the RuPaul's Drag Race winner aims to encourage people to be their "sexiest selves" along with eschewing any outdated notions around gender.

"If I find a certain dress which I do like, which is very rare, I like to wear it in drag and out of drag and it definitely needs to have a gender-neutral feeling," she told PAPER. "Conceptually what I love the most is androgyny; I like being a little bit feminine when I'm out of drag, and a little bit masculine when I'm in drag. I think it's balanced with the fragrance."

Chachki, whose work across drag and burlesque incorporates many aesthetics of BDSM, also made sure this became the central focus within her campaign.

"We wanted to play with the roughness of BDSM, and the roughness and tensions of sex and have that be the counterbalance to the more traditionally feminine Violet" she said. "So since it's a part of my aesthetic and my brand as a drag queen, it just generates itself naturally to be the balance."

Dirty Violet is now available to shop here.

Photography: Serichai Traipoom