Are Fetus Facials the New Vampire Facial?

Are Fetus Facials the New Vampire Facial?

Celebrities are known to dabble in a range of different and bizarre beauty treatments to keep their skin in the best shape (Kim Kardashian's viral vampire facial comes to mind).

Joining the legion of those with an affinity for weird treatments is designer/Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, who reportedly gets a £1,100 ($1,450) facial to keep her skin glowing. Nicknamed a "fetus facial," the treatment gets its name from how "young" you look afterwards.

Beverly Hills-based Dr. Harold Lancer is the brain behind the famed facial, and explained exactly what goes into the ultra expensive treatment in a recent interview with Closer.

Technically called the Legacy Facial, the treatment starts with a caviar sheet mask and the Legacy Eye Treat Duo cream (which is supposedly made from crushed pearls because luxury). This is then followed by injecting stem cells directly into the skin topped with LED and oxygen therapy.

The result, reportedly, is skin that emulates a baby-like glow. Naturally, it has been a hit and actress Brie Larson, is just another one of the major celebrity fans of the coveted facial. Lancer Skincare clinic is a popular spot for many other A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Margot Robbie, who also rely on Dr. Lancer's expertise for a variety of skin issues.

"People in the public eye demand a high level of product and materials, which this facial offers," he told Closer. "After the pressure of make-up, stress and dehydration, this facial adds an antioxidant protein shield that the skin needs to look its best."

Beckham has never shied away from her affinity for skincare and reportedly spends close to $1,650 on her beauty routine.

"Victoria doesn't just sporadically do something," Dr Lancer said. "She follows a programme with the same determination as an Olympic athlete and that's why it looks the way it does."

Photo via Neil Rasmus/BFA