Twitter Calls Out Taylor Swift For Missing The Women's March

Twitter Calls Out Taylor Swift For Missing The Women's March

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift tweeted a message of support for those who joined the Women's March, writing that she has "so much love, price and respect for those who marched." However, the Internet-at-large took her for task for not actually showing up to any of the protests, especially since the star has spoken at-length about being a feminist.

That said, many people responded quite negatively to her message, with some criticizing the lack of tangible effort that actually goes into such a statement...

...many were also frustrated by Swift's notorious track record of silence when it comes to prominent intersectional causes, as well as her lack of voter encouragement ahead of Trump's election... well as the fact that she's often accused of only focusing on the aspects of feminism that benefit her as a rich, cisgender, heterosexual woman...

...not to mention the fact that many believe Swift should be using her huge and highly-influential platform to further the feminist cause she's claimed. A few people responding to her defenders also mentioned that her celebrity shouldn't have prevented her from making an appearance, as many other big names turned out for events across the country.

Swift has yet to respond to any of the criticism.

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