Trophie's Single 'Destroyer' Is Chaotic Catharsis

Trophie's Single 'Destroyer' Is Chaotic Catharsis

by Kenna McCafferty

Sometimes you have to break to rebuild — and Trophie’s latest release, "Destroyer," does just that.

Embracing the catharsis of chaos, "Destroyer" blends lyrical vulnerability, ethereal vocals and hard-hitting beats. "In many ways the lyrics are a conversation I’m having with myself," the Sydney-based says, "but also to those I love. "I’m really letting down my walls in this track but I think there is a strength in that.”

There's strength to Trophie’s vulnerability, balancing force with weakness. To that end, "Destroyer" is riddled with emotional ironies; musically reminiscent of Cashmere Cat or SOPHIE, the track builds with stacked beats, giving Trophie’s voice space to float and take flight, before destroying the sonic pop arch with vocal distortions and syncopated drum patterns.

The title itself implies destruction, while Trophie's words celebrate what can be built up from the rubble ("This is me, I can’t lie"). She reanimates herself with acceptance and appreciation for things that tear her down.

The same is true for Trophie’s visual language. Alongside the single, she premieres today a video featuring an avatar that reverberates with the song's bass-heavy beat drops. "I think it’s really important to bring in both physical and mental strength to combine the everyday with hyperreality," Trophie says.

With the release of "Destroyer," out now, Trophie is proving to be an artist to watch. Every song she touches, she destroys.

Photo courtesy of Trophie