Watch Travis Scott Hang With The Gucci Gang For Miaou

Watch Travis Scott Hang With The Gucci Gang For Miaou

In a new short film for Alexia Elkaim's new denim brand Miaou, Travis Scott and Parisian cool-girl group the Gucci Gang got together to cavort around Paris.

The Gucci Gang is made up of four Parisian teens - Angelina 16, Crystal 15, Thaïs 17, and Annabelle, 17. Elkaim says she chose them for their unique sense of style.

"The Gucci Gang girls are great because they represent strength of mind, individuality and of course good style," Elkaim told Dazed. "Angelina is hilarious and moody just like me. My cancer twin. Thaïs is a damn good time, Crystal is an observer of life, wise beyond her years, and Annabelle is the sweetest thing!"

Elkaim reached out to Scott's team to use one of his songs, but ended up getting the artist himself for the collaboration. After shooting around Paris during the day, Angelina said, "Some of us went to a club nearby with him, but if I had to take him out I would probably take him to a cheap bar where I often go with my friends, not like all fancy places he must go to all the time."

Annabelle admitted, "To be honest, I went home straight after this because I had exams the next day!"

[h/t Dazed]