iPhone Creator Agrees He Created a Monster

iPhone Creator Agrees He Created a Monster

The phone addiction conversation isn't new; In fact, you're probably reading this on your phone. We've heard it all before — social media makes us self-absorbed, we're living in an artificial reality, nobody calls anymore, we're growing apart from each other, nature is an afterthought. Well now the smartphone creators who started this madness are validating our worries.

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Former Apple executive and designer of the iPod and iPhone Tony Fadell expressed his concern in a recent Twitter thread, responding to a Wall Street Journalstory about Apple investors' similar qualms.

He went on, "Apple Watches, Google Phones, Facebook, Twitter - they've gotten so good at getting us to go for another click, another dopamine hit. They now have a responsibility & need to start helping us track & manage our digital addictions across all usages."

In a following tweet, he predicted government involvement if tech companies don't start providing addiction tools and information. The thread wasn't all warnings though; Fadell offered some helpful tips on living in the moment and kicking your phone addiction, plus a nice little note of self-awareness ("And yes it's ironic I'm tweeting this...").

Of course, we're going to keep using these beautiful distractions. But, as Fadell tweeted, there are ways to make sure you control your phone, not vice-versa.