Tom Daley's Knitting Hobby Has a Kinky Side

Tom Daley's Knitting Hobby Has a Kinky Side

Olympic gold medal diver, Tom Daley, is perhaps best known for his athletic prowess and for being one of the sport's few openly gay figures, but what you might know is that he's also an avid knitter. Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed Daley knitting poolside in between dives at last year's Tokyo Olympics, but the diver's hobby has since grown into a full-on side hustle with his own line of yarns, knitting patterns and kits. And while there's plenty of sweaters, scarves and hats to choose from, it turns out Daley's most requested item from friends is a little more NSFW.

Appearing on Holly H and Georgina Revell's Planet Weirdo podcast, Daley opened up about how knitting relaxes him. “It’s so therapeutic,” Daley told the show's hosts. “And you can make some really crazy things. Honestly, the most requested things for my friends' birthdays are cock socks. I’ve done so many willy warmers it’s unreal.”

As scandalous as the tidbit may be its not entirely surprisingly either (because let's be honest, who amongst wouldn't ask their knitting friend for something risqué like a crocheted willy warmer or a woolen g-string if they had the chance). The idea that Daley's most in demand gifts are fuzzy little penis sheaths does, however, raise its own set of troubling questions. Are these willy warmers more of a novelty or do the recipients actually wear them? If so, what if it's like an itchy sweater? What about overheating? Is it a one-size fits most sort of situation or do you have submit measurements? The rabbit hole is potentially endless.

Holly H didn't seem all too surprised by Daley's answer either, going on to discuss whether or not the cock socks were in fact the strangest item he's ever knitted. “You name it, I’ve made it,” Daley replied.

As to whether or not we'll ever end up seeing patterns for Daley's cock cozies on the Olympian's website any time soon — "It takes hours and hours to create something," Daley told PAPER last year. "I wish I could put it through a machine and it would just be done, but that's not what I do knitting for. I do it for that long, extended, slow-passion."

Photo via Getty/ Clive Rose