No One Stans Cardi B Like Timothée Chamalet

No One Stans Cardi B Like Timothée Chamalet

It's official — Timmy C and Cardi B have to be. Timothée Chamalet, break out star of Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird, is taking the awards circuit by storm and dropping one name a long the way: Miss Cardi B.

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The actor was asked about his fandom at last night's SAG Awards with his mother by his side, and explained he feels a particular connection to Cardi because she's from the Bronx — where his grandparents live. Also, he clarifies, "the music's lit!" before revealing he was listening to "Bartier Cardi" on the way over to the ceremony.

Then something truly pure happens:

That's right, Timothée Chamalet proceeds to rap "Bartier Cardi" while his mom does a reverse fist roll, much to the host's delight. It's a delicious moment that needs forever savoring, both sweet and strange, like a sea salt macaron.

To Cardi B, we say, please call Timothée Chamalet. To Timothée Chamalet, we say, goodnight.

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