Not TikTokers Using Lube as Primer

Not TikTokers Using Lube as Primer

Another day, another DIY beauty "hack" courtesy of TikTok, but just expect this latest one to get a little messy.

If there's one thing MUAs on the platform are known for, it's getting, uh, creative when it comes to their beauty routines. And the latest (questionable) suggestion to pop out of the internet ether? Using lube as primer.

Yep, the slickest new trend to hit TikTok is #lubeprimer, which currently has close to seven million views, and it appears to have started with Lukáš Kohutek. In several of his videos, Kohutek can be seen using Durex lube to, ostensibly, create a smooth base for his makeup.

However, the most popular "tutorial" thus far has come from Sean Anthony, who gave the trend a glowing review after mixing the lube with foundation. Elsewhere, another TikTok MUA named Jaro London claimed that the lube helped fill in pores," while Zak Heath said it created a nice "tacky" grip for the foundation to cling too.

Even so, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Robert Finney recently told NYLON that lube — specifically the Durex Play 2-in-1 that's being used in these videos — isn't the greatest thing to be rubbing all over your face.

"There are plenty of good primer options designed specifically with your face in mind," he said. "Durex Play 2-in-1 has castor oil in it. Castor oil can clog pores and lead to breakouts." And not only that, but any substance containing fragrances could also result in irritation or allergic reactions, so maybe stay away from that edible strawberry lube. Or any lube, for that matter.


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