You Can Now Buy Tiffany & Co. From a Vending Machine

You Can Now Buy Tiffany & Co. From a Vending Machine

By Avery Matera

Tiffany & Co. just debuted the most luxe vending machine ever, all thanks to their Covent Garden store in London. Instead of feeding a dollar bill into the age-old machine which then drops anything from M&Ms to Diet Coke, Tiffany's has taken the food dispenser and re-mastered it, allowing shoppers to swipe a credit card and purchase the jewelry company's first ever fragrance.

Tiffany's takes the lead from brands such as Moët and Uniqlo, who have used the vending machine idea before, creating a whimsical shopping experience that is more like a game than an actual high-end purchase — at least, as we most often recognize it.

On their website, Tiffany's describes their foray into fragrance as "a sparkling floral musk that offers a modern take on the most precious ingredients of traditional haute perfumery." While those snacks and beverages most often shopped via vending machines aren't exactly akin to "traditional haute perfumery," we can't help but notice the similarity in marketing as shopping high end in such a receptacle is also very much a modern take on something more traditional in feel.

Tiffany & Co's vending machine currently only exists in London's Covent Garden store, but here's hoping the shopping style expands a little closer to home.

Photo Courtesy Lucy Hunter