If you've ever been intrigued as to what Katy Perry sounds like as a Sim, you're in luck. A video has emerged of Katy recording "Last Friday Night" during peak Perry hysteria for popular god complex computer/video game "Sims" and it's incredible – in fact I'm still recovering.

Essentially, Katy sings gibberish over the track, which basically just sounds like all of us when someone puts on "Rap God", (who ever does though, who ever does). The clip has already become a meme and wow does it make for some quality content.

Here it is.

For anyone who decides to spontaneously "catch the show" of any obscure artist at any music festival.

When you've had it on repeat but still can't remember a single word.

Still reeling from Bon Appétit.

As to who Katy really is at the moment, I just don't know, but let's all relive this absurdity just because.

[h/t Teen Vogue]
Image via Twitter

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