This Robot Literally Roasts Trump Everytime He Tweets

This Robot Literally Roasts Trump Everytime He Tweets

Trump Rage Therapy

By Annie Felix

Somewhere out there, a robot is doing God's good work – automatically printing out and burning every tone-deaf rant that is issued from Donald Trump's Twitter account, and then broadcasting the video online at @burnedyourtweet, all for your viewing pleasure.

Physically burning is, after all, the uniform response to any and all of the Sad! atrocities that are Trump's tweets. I, for one, feel a violent urge to pull my (or Trump's) hair out each time he tweets out some new conspiracy theory or the other. It's bad enough knowing that we live in Trump's pre-dystopia, without his brazen Twitter profile bragging about it in 5th grade grammar. So if you, like me, suffer from Trump Rage, then watching this burnbot literally set Trump's tweets on fire will be your ultimate therapy.

Each video is 26 seconds of pure catharsis, featuring the smol burnbot printing out and lighting up Trump's tweets, with the cold caption, "I burned your tweet." So many levels of bitch!

"I burned your tweet"

Humans have raged, and joked, and cried, but only @burnedyourtweet has physically burned. We salute you burnbot – never stop incinerating Trump's Twitter feed. You are a true American hero.

Splash Image via Twitter