The Weeknd Is Pulling a Beyoncé

The Weeknd Is Pulling a Beyoncé

Hold the damn phone. After nonchalantly teasing the entire world with this screenshot as to whether or not he should drop new music this Friday, going so far as to use the word "indifferent" (okay we see you Abel, you're cool, we get it). Now the truth has been revealed: it's an album.

In a classic sad boy move which can, hopefully, only mean a Trilogy-type situation, The Weeknd has titled his latest project My Dear Melancholy. What might this mean? The chronicles of The Weeknd's roller coaster-esque love life? Sonic pining for Selena and/or Bella? He just got off his STARBOY rounds, does this mean ANOTHER world tour on the horizon? Can La Mar Taylor please tell us what's going on?

And now, this:

Also, this billboard says available now, which means it's about to be available... well, now.

We wait with bated breath to see what The Weeknd has in store for us this time around.

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