The Hottest New Fitness Studio in New York Is a Holistic Haven

The Hottest New Fitness Studio in New York Is a Holistic Haven

For Carlos Leon, a celebrity trainer who's worked with everyone from his ex Madonna to Bella Hadid (and daughter Lourdes), the turning point in his 30+-year career was a health scare — prostatitis — that forced him to reassess the way he lives and trains.

His longtime friend Menna Olvera, an experienced yoga instructor (she was most recently the program director at Donna Karan's Urban Zen) quickly helped him with his new health and spiritual journey. Armed with their joint fitness and yoga expertise, the two sought to open a studio that combined both physical and mindful elements: and thus, The Oleon House was born.

Located in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, the new health and fitness center fuses both weight/strength training (Leon’s specialty) and yoga (Olvera’s specialty) to take care of both the body and spirit.

“Through the pandemic a veil was lifted and we were able to see we needed a more holistic approach that supported physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health," Olvera tells PAPER. Leon added: “The Oleon House inspired us to integrate our skills to help grow from inside out.”

They offer individual sessions, boutique classes and workshops, with many classes taught by the cofounders themselves, and other workshops feature guest teachers. There's a focus on breath throughout a fusion of all hiit workouts, yoga, vogue dancing.

The Oleon House's mission statement puts it succinctly: "By strengthening your physical, emotional, and mental conditioning, you will have the necessary tools and support to face any obstacles life may bring you."

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Photography: Bill Miles