Emerge From Quarantine as a Musician
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Emerge From Quarantine as a Musician

by Christina DeConcini

If you're currently under quarantine — which should be all of you — perhaps you're brainstorming ways to stay creatively engaged. For musicians and digital creators, hard rock collective The Armed has launched a free platform, called ISOLATE/CREATE. It contains downloadable stems of songs donated by musicians meant for remixing and recreating, multi-tracks, RPG games and video files for anyone who is looking to experiment and make something new in this global isolation period. Think of it as the perfect starter kit for your next project.

The Armed first took the concept live last week with the Apocalypse Song site, inviting anyone to come finish a song they never got around to completing. Other artists quickly took notice and joined the project, and ISOLATE/CREATE was born. Chelsea Wolfe, Converge, La Dispute, Pelican, Slow Mass and more have uploaded their own resources along with short messages of perseverance.

You can find all of Deaf Club's stems for the tracks from their debut EP, Contemporary Sickness, or Wolfe's stems of her 2019 song "Erde," as just two examples of the trove of resources now available for anyone to utilize right now. "We hope to keep going with semi-regular updates from even more contributors to help all of us stay busy and creative on our own, together," The Armed says in a statement. "So stay at home and make something cool. All for the greater good of stopping the literal apocalypse."

Photo courtesy of Johnny Randall from The Armed