Tati Westbrook Is Officially Back

Tati Westbrook Is Officially Back

Tati Westbrook is back after a year-long break from YouTube.

On the heels of David Dobrik and Shane Dawson's own return announcements, Westbrook is the latest vlogger trying to make a big comeback after taking some time off to ""work on [herself]."

In case you forgot, the social media star was embroiled in some intense online drama with fellow beauty YouTubers, which all started after she accused former protégé, James Charles, of being a shady friend and making predatory advances toward straight men. However, she later retracted her statements about Charles and instead claimed that Dawson and Jeffree Star had manipulated her into the feud — though both Dawson and Star have both refuted the allegations.

The entire debacle eventually caused her to announce that she was taking a break from social media in order to "regroup and stand strong." Even so, the drama didn't stop coming seeing as how Westbrook and her husband, James, were hit with a serious fraud lawsuit from ex-Halo Beauty business partner, Clark Swanson, who accused the couple of fraudulent inducement, breach of contract and gross negligence.

That said, the beauty veteran returned to YouTube on Thursday with a new video titled "A Year Later...," in which she said she would finally be getting "back to the makeup, back to reviews, back to doing my thing."

According to Westbrook, she came to the conclusion that many of her fans wanted "answers about certain things that have been splattered over the internet," even though she was initially hesitant to address the drama, which she called "a terrible time" that still "seems to want to follow me everywhere I go."

"When I pulled back, I stopped communication with everyone in the beauty community. I haven't talked to anyone in over a year. I really took a break and I needed to for my peace of mind," she revealed, also adding that at the time of the controversy her "world was coming to a halt."

"During that time, I was getting the most intense harassment. I'm talking death threats that were explicit in detail, people saying they were going to hunt me down," Westbrook recalled. "There were things that were happening that were so appalling."

Not only that, but Westbrook then went on to talk about the lawsuit, before saying she almost got divorced from James amidst the legal battle.

"There was no way that I could just come back online and start reviewing makeup and promoting Halo Beauty while there's this big lawsuit thrown around the internet," she explained, though she says they've since reconciled. "I needed to wait until the storm calmed to be able to come back and post again."

However, Westbrook said that all of this has forced her to rethink her approach and past involvement with online drama, as well as how she wanted to "move forward" as a "different version of me" — though as some people pointed out, only time will tell.

Watch Westbrook's entire video for yourself, below.

Photo via YouTube