Supriya Lele's Solo Debut Updates the Traditional Sari
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Supriya Lele's Solo Debut Updates the Traditional Sari

by Chris Thomas

Sticks and Swathes

Ramshackle forts were on the menu for British-Indian designer Supriya Lele's first solo presentation. A year after working Fashion East's runway with five other designers (including fellow spring 2019 standout Matty Bovan), Lele presented a stunning collection of trench coats, trousers, sheer tops, and saris in a set that melded criss-crossed PVC piping with swaths of stretched beige fabric.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik's footwear is highly coveted, which made it a welcome surprise as models took their positions in the famous heels for Lele's spring 2019 showcase. The Spanish fashion designer has always had an eye for rising talent and with his mark of approval firmly placed in Supriya's corner, we'll all have to keep a look out for what she does next.

By a Thread

Thin bits of fabric hung haphazardly off sleeveless coats, sensually cinched miniskirts, and a particularly gorgeous orange dress. What could've looked unfinished by any other hand turned the collection into an alluring feast strand by dainty strand.

The Ornamental Sari

While Manolo's and threads had us leaning in for a closer look, it was a gorgeous green sari that blew us away. Dotted with jeweled appliqués, the mint green garment flowed from beneath the model's silver trench and spilled out onto the floor for a maximalist punch in a collection otherwise filled with subtle flourishes.

Photos via Imaxtree