HUGE if true [coinfarts]

yes. she. did. [mensrightsactivia]

Apparently this cat is deaf and doesn't know how loud it's yelling, but what is all all other cats' excuse, amirite? [swarnpert]

chilling [disconymph]

don't call yourself petty unless you have a doctorate in it [nochillatall]

same [nochillatall]

Don't appropriate meh [anon]

You put a baby behind the wheel, what did you think was gonna happen? [tastefullyoffensive]

my loyal manservant [nochillatall]

[rebelmouse-image 13367511 is_animated_gif=false image-library="0" caption="" pin_description="" photo_credit_src="" original_size="420x305" crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 photo_credit="S\u200b[weirdwideweb]"]

SAD lamp season is upon us [weirdwideweb]

FEED OTTER HIS LUNCH [youaremyeverlovin]

Every single time [nochillatall]

You know it's true [cutestrology]''

Not to sound dumb, but what ARE dolphins? [disconymph]

I... [mensrightsactivia]

ohhhhhh myyyyy godddddd these moves! [kontrollsysteme]

living on a prayer [nochillatall]

I leave you with these two simultaneous Dark Child masterpieces with the same BPM: "Say My Name" and "It's Not Right But It's OK." I'm personally screeeeeeaaaaammmmminnnnngggggggg [kontrollsysteme]

Have a great week everybody@

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