Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies


#sponsored [swarnpert]

The red dress army [emotionalmemegirlz]

DRY BOY [chescaleigh]

*tips shades* [swarnpert]

The Franzen effect [ripannanicolesmith]

You be on your way now, little turtle [nochillatall]

See you l8er six months of my life! [servideo]

My three moods [mensrightsactivia]

Tidal, we meet again [anon]

There are at least two aisles of CVS that boys literally don't understand [bitch]

She's independent! [barbieprivilege]

Well I hope you like the laughter of adorable babies [anon]

I love hard sci fi [contentzone]

smash the prison industrial complex [nochillatall]

*Carrie Bradshaw voice* "YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE ME" [the_mermaid_lagoon]

You know exactly what you're doing, Legs Avenue [emotionalmemegirlz]

Happy Halloween! [ieg]

Have a great week everybody!